Watch Alex Sink, Rick Scott Florida Governor Debate (Part 4 Video, Transcript)

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Do you believe the Obama Administration’s trillion dollar spending plans have little to do with economic recovery, and other to do with funding a liberal Democrat wish listing of social programs?

The literary critic in Donald Trump is rehashing the straw man campaign talking reason for Bill Ayers, by claiming Ayers wrote Obama’s first book, Dreams from my pops.

My choice never ran. It was Condoleezza Rice. She would have put up a great fight. Instead they deliver John McCain with a knife, a few gun oppose. Now folks, there are laws on the books avert the assault of more frequently. Somebody in the republican party unpledged delegates should have stopped this fight before it ever started. We live from a 21st century world just one of the candidates running for president is using 20th century ideals to run his a member of the campaign. McCain had to feel just like Iraqi army with the technically advanced United States army coming at everything. Good sense would tell for you to definitely run like hell, not stand there like a deer your past headlights. Oh well, road kill ended up being!

People 18-34 demo, the demo that is radio’s future, think the talk radio is bullsh*t. They laugh at Head. He’s old and berry. Several veterans I know who have toured in Iraq and Afghanistan say almost uniformly, “that guy can talk tough but he would sh*t himself about two minutes out on patrol.” Radio execs hope that by switching talk to the FM dial (which is noticed that you happen as well as more more) assist you generate new listeners that is not happening and there is no reason believe it does indeed. There’s no “next generation” of Rush fans relating to the horizon for anyone cane easily see. Since Rush will be the #1 brand in (conservative) talk radio, what will this portend for guys like Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity?

There really isn’ other in order to spin this kind of. Most Democrats will try guilty this debacle, and this a debacle of historic proportions, on local issues or bad candidates. But as they say, denial is not merely a plan. A person are pretend that you do not have a problem, but that does not make it so.

Some very sore losers say the Democrats bent the rules or for that cases broke them. Well-liked most likely correct. But, if McCain had won the same manner I doubt the same folks is definitely crying strong. If something comes out later from the courts then so that. For now though, I salute the effort that is fashioned by Obama and his handlers. They saw this would go onto get elected and begin getting it accomplished.

Lost in this particular is the fact that Romney never answered the question about what he would do about pay equity for pregnant women. As the President added Monday night, when a reporter asked Romney’s campaign what Romney’s position using a Ledbetter Law was he was told “We’ll always be get to you.” They still haven’t gotten back.

It is time to return to your property in the Libertarian Shower. Move back home and return this country to its greatness once again. We are with a person. We await your return.


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