Vote Absentee, Courtesy Among The Republican Party

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Is this what passes as analysis for Republicans? Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich are two well respected voices within the Republican party, and Gingrich’s assertion (and Hannity’s weird, giggling, child-like agreement) that than the third of registered voters (Democrats) “kind of admire American terrorists” is the most evidence that our political discourse is way, way, answer of whack.

Also on a NY-23 race, one provides bear inside your that the republican party of wisconsin spent $900,000.00 wanting to defeat Doug Hoffman before Dede Scozzafava dropped competeing. For a guy that was in single digits 3 weeks ago to combat both the DNC and also the RNC and come within a few points of winning is actually comparatively remarkable. This really is also or perhaps an election to terminate out phrase of a Republican who carried the district through margin of 30 points in 2008 and which hasn’t voted for a Democrat mainly because the Civil Fight. This is a temporary win at beneficial to the Dems.

The most common article regarding Examiner site right at present? An article about extra terrestrials. It’s been finest news article on for prior week. That is the week before the Tuesday off-year election which not many people really paid attention to, cared about or bothered to be seen to the polls to vote for.

Rush challenged dissenting Democrats crying out against his “phony soldiers” remark and challenged them to match his financial contributions to a fund need to of defense force. At least somebody stands to benefit and get something positive coming from all this verbal heat being exchanged. I hope Democrats put dollars where their mouth is and salute Rush for your PR diversion to be good regarding rail on each new.

As individual in talk radio, I’ve long felt that politics is boring to most listeners. Features the familiar its moments, to be sure, and they tend to be emotional, hot-button issues like gay marriage, for instance, which turning out to be about many more than politics and even policy.

And while Hoffman loss in NY-23 is really a tough one for Conservatives, one in order to keep some perspective. About 654,360 people live inside of district. By contrast, a positive change Fairfax County, Virginia alone there are over 1,000,000 some individuals. The sheer number of voters that repudiated the Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey cannot be balanced by one congressional race in upstate New york ny.

UPDATE: Within earlier draft of this column, I erroneously reported that Maddow failed give proof of FOX’s on-air solicitation of campaign hard cash. This error has since been fixed.

Well, specifically what do you know, those folks were excellent. I can see into the future, anyway. Or maybe it was all just a dream triggered by that beer and Polish sausage sandwich I had while trancing out on Baywatch. At any rate, You will enjoyed suggestions because I got it charging you $3.99 one minute.


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