The True Mvp Belonging To The Republican Party – Barack Obama

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We have probably to start paying admittance to watch the politicians on tv. Why? They are characters. They aren’t attempting to tell us the “TRUTH”, they attempt to win us together with their acting skills.

This will be the slippery slope that were on at the moment. There is probably no end to exactly what the socialists will attempt to grab, when incredibly of rights has become so weakened.

We are appalled by slavery, and rightly so. We are appalled because it violates a person’s unalienable to be able to life and liberty. Socialism is slavery too, wearing fancy words and dime store semantics. Socialism isn’t slavery of whips and ankle tirechains. Rather, it is the slavery of stealing living hour by hour, daily.

Citizens with half a brain have caught entirely on. We do not want to turn into a Socialistic region. The more Liberals pontificate additional freedoms we lose. Ironic, isn’t the program? Well, enough is enough. I’m able to only hope and pray to God that the tea party protest confederate flag continues to gain momentum both inside New York and in the united states. Maybe then could take back our country from the vile vermin that have swept it out from under our feet. Together we actually make the Untied States most significant nation on the face of God’s earth once when again. Oh, by the way yes, I pray to God and if any one says Cannot they will taste boot leather!

There is actually a moral conflict underlying this disaster. Society does not agree on its basic social light-weight. Specifically, we do not agree on a right is.

But in the same time there are MARGINAL Income tax on personal income, at the federal, state and local level. You’ll see stock dividends. Then what about sales income taxes? Etc, etc, therefore on. My Republican Friends tell me that the tax burden is too big. I saw one study, which I really believe is correct. In fact between federal, state and local taxes, the MARGINAL TAX RATE on GROSS NATIOANL PRODUCT on everything combined is about 40%. That means that all governments: federal, state and local governments would lose $400-million in taxes from the proposed $100-million in spending cuts.

Government Spending too high — in comparison to what? Government Assets to be able to Government Debts? Kennedy showed with charts and graphs — the Government is in much better shape than any corporation: that is, assets to liabilities percentage. And this is still true today.

If you’re literate and tend to coherent and they are generally not just stupid, you need to admit that things are turning. The Republican clowns that continue to preach doom and gloom are longing for the Antichrist to show up as Barack obama. It is time for all Americans that view what is really happening to face up and support this administration. Don’t let the negative and the lies make us originate from scratch once more ,. If you have a horse that plowing your fields well and an individual 110%, Are you throw him out into the glue factory because you see a more appealing horse in the auction? Choose to!


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