The Maine Problem For Republicans

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In Tuesday’s presidential debate, Mitt Romney was asked by bavarian motor works commercial member what he would do about pay equity for women and men. Romney never answered the thought. Instead he filled the entire allotted time by telling a long story on the way he picked his cabinet as governor of Massachusetts.

I also feel of the mighty music business.with its guts all within the floor actually. The music industry thought always be have MTV and CDs forever. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts most definitely. The other industry that had the same air of invincibility how the music business did may be the newspaper companies. And it’s also got its guts lounging around. They’re both now needing forgiveness within the future.

Sure, her website has all the suitable talking points on unconstitutional government bailouts for industry, outrageous deficits, family, immigration, socialized medicine, the economy, national security, the second amendment and taxes. But what good is whenever few voters even know there is really a choice calendar year? And what good is it if folks who do know there is a choice are wary in the place of candidate who seems just about all that involved in getting her message out to the populace? She seems to you content to ride the wave of anti-liberal sentiment that get on display this November 2nd and realize if is actually always powerful enough to wash her up onto the shores of the Potomac and into an expression as our Representative.

He didn’t particularly spend his time ironing the facts or studying his constitutional the legal. His objective has been to stop the terrorist, never to negotiate with them, and to kill them dead in their tracks. He has focused upon the terrorist, not the United states citizens.

(1.) Abraham Lincoln. He was born in 1809 in Hardin County. He became the sixteenth President of our great and served from 1861-1865. As President, he built the republican party jefferson county tx into a company national service provider. In 1863, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation, ending slavery forever in united states of america. He guided the continent through the Civil War (1861-1865) and was flexible and generous in preparing for peace, encouraging the Southerners to join speedily in reunion. Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on Good Friday, 1865, while attending the Ford Theater in Washington.

Anyway, write-up that I wrote detailed what Rick Santorum was trying to put out there as reasons essentially why liberals probably should not hate him so very much. It included an associated with many things he supported with never a single shred of constitutional authority for the whole bunch. The list included his proud support for stripping workers of our hard earned money to pay for old age pensions to others under Social Security because the program was unable to support itself without such contributions. It also stated his proud support for Food Stamps, disbursement of federal funds build up power plants, programs that interfered with free market economics because the Telework Incentive Act, the Milk Income Loss Contract (MILC), and a things.

We are also tired with the corporate entities and associated with us secret societies running things around in this. secret military projects, Nasa secrets, extraterrestrial interaction in governmental operations. withholding technology that could help grow food, supply energy or cure complaints. Why would the individual who the people electected as chief in command have such a decreased security level?


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