Senator Arlen Specter Leaves Republican Party, Becomes A Democrat!

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For years this great country of ours was led down the socialistic path of damage. Presently we have a Marxist inside the office of your presidency, a democratically controlled Congress too boat load of leftist agendas of the table. The administration is wasting no amount of getting their agenda accessible. The constant ignoring of your people, disregard for the Constitution along with the outright illegal actions aught to be an alarm bell going off your citizenry’s heads.

He told Wallace that “throughout the Iraq war, it was Barack Obama and the Democrat Party which actively sought the defeat from the U.S. internet marketer.” Actually, rigorously examining the government’s conduct in the war began false pretenses is one of the most sort of patriotism.

Lost in this particular is simple fact that that Romney never answered the question about what he would do about pay equity for women. As the President added Monday night, when a reporter asked Romney’s campaign what Romney’s position on the Ledbetter Law was he was told “We’ll in order to get back.” They still haven’t gotten back.

Here may be the Presidential Oath: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I am going to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution belonging to the United States of the union.

I am a registered Republican additionally 10 back sat in the live studio audience at one of Rush’s shows (he’s certainly getting older). Early as “war on terror” I took a liking on the O’Reilly Factor, which I now rarely watch. You see I worked at Ground Zero the first week of 9/11 and have now traveled about 50 countries and 6 continents worldwide. I come in contact with those overseas who tell me their concerns, fears, and worries about current American foreign insurance. I’m aware of the anti-American sentiment daily growing world wide. Yet I don’t put a Canadian maple leaf little back and continue to deny my country of origin. Just the same my wife is Canadian and friends and neighbors are innumerable across entire world.

Enter Gerald Ford. He’s the president that kept falling all the way down. You remember him. He’s even the man who let himself be duped into sending the military over Mexico to dump gallons of deadly chemical called Paraquat on many of the marijuana fields as a last ditch effort to great in up your eyes of the general public. The republican party mess wasn’t exactly shining. This led together with bunch of Mexican and American deaths of innocent people. Exit the republicans. America spends 76 billion dollars for that war on pot from 1970 to 1977.

In 1750, Thomas Walker made the primary exploration among the state. Daniel Boone, fantastic frontiersman, explored the region in 1767. In 1774, James Harrod founded get started building links permanent white settlement at Harrodsburg. In 1792, Kentucky became the fifteenth state to join the marriage.

Romney would have done best to answer concern by saying he would do nothing about pay equity. Minimum women might respect him for being honest and standing up for his convictions. Instead, Romney looked looking appearing a spineless flip-flopper who isn’t for women’s rights.


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