Random The Thing It The Republican Debate To. . . Herman Cain Won?

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A republic has representative government. A democracy is governed directly by people. The closest thing to some democracy is California in which people put proclamations on ballet and let people’s decide what is right, not the legislature.

He can’t slander your own. He can’t say he can’t perform job because he’s got inferior blood, he can’t say that he can’t do it because young, and hubby certainly can’t say its inexperience when Jo Biden is standing their. Suggest chance in the high waters of hell that he previously would be to choose another man with African decent, toned man walking Woman.

Congress can be a cesspool of cheats, liars, thieves, traitors, drunkards that anything they’ve got to that you could to maintain their grip on energy source. They do all of it at legal action of the American people and the Constitution. Just how many of people in power now can claim “We pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor”?

Conservative bloggers exposed MacBeth’s lies in may 2006, destroying his credibility and embarrassing the Seattle company that produced film about his exploits. Hence such a person was a “phony” and also in that Rush is right and commended for his bold stance against fraudulent misnomers designed deceive the American professionals.

Earlier this year, Reince Preibus, National republican party slavery Chairman, confirmed on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Romney opposed the Ledbetter Act. His campaign tried just to walk it back saying Romney would not move to repeal this method. They were careful for you to say whether he would veto a repeal bill if it hit his desk.

Spread said .. Tell every Democrat and Independent you can that Ralph Nader is secretly a Republican. Lie about this situation. Tell them you’ve seen the papers and key videos. Heck, make up secret newspapers. Use Photoshop to place Nader into secret meetings with Karl Rove. Anything is forgivable. Because, after all, the requirements of the many outweigh the requirements the relatively few number of.

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