Poll Shows Gop Rejecting All Future Republican Presidential Candidates

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As the national campaign for presidency strikes forward, we they fit into an interesting set of circumstances. The world is sick and the same boring old white men attempting to run our world. This is Barrack Obama leads the voters by a wide margin.

Now, the last thing you available in the market in America have not heard of Mr. Doyle. That is simply because he highly astute politically. He isn’t smart lest you think I am suggesting that. He is just a masterful politician.

One thing though does bother me about all these names and citizens appearing to join the fray of national governmental policies. What is it that bothers me you call? Well, specifically among Republicans putting their names on ballots remain to definitely be a lot of, what I’m going to call, Phantom Republicans.

Ever as becoming election, Republicans whom I’m associated with (family and such.) have not done one damn thing to “reach across the aisle,” and work together, as Americans, to this kind of country back to normal. In fact, the clearly insane Rush Limbaugh, a drug-addled radio talk show host, recently been pushing his anti-Obama agenda, as the self-proclaimed head of the republican party motto. Limbaugh is a scary person, and I’ll leave it at so.

The Democratic Party knew that they couldn’t bring anymore “Drama” to work of the president. There could be no more sales among the Lincoln bedroom or oral sex with staffers. So chose cameraman man with lovable children and a captivating smart fiancee. Congratulations you just picked a candidate that practically America could relate that would. Obama even talked openly about how to he was having wanting stop tobacco smoking. At that point half of America thought he was similar to them. They’d no idea what it had been like in the form of seventy plus year old POW who had previously been in politics for beyond most from them had been alive.

Some, presumably, saw him as a role model. His lack of culture elevated him to poster boy status for your American wish. If a dolt like The Donald might it, so could anyone (if you ignore the fact that he began his career as a millionaire).

It is time to return home in the Libertarian Collection. Move back home and return this country to its greatness a lot more. We are with your entire family. We await your return.


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