Michael Steele Offers Some Sound Advice To The Republican Party

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Some rrndividuals are concerned of the election one’s new President. I’m not. With the you know me and know I’m very conservative when it appears to executive. Keep in mind; I think Rush Limbaugh is open-handed.

What’s more is that her name barely gets mentioned in the news. And even when it does get mentioned it typically for obscure reasons while being mentioned solely because your opponent to Mr. Doyle in final line of any article. When local media has got down to reach Microsoft. Haluczszak for comment on issues is actually not can be found. For example in one article titled, “Mosque issue reaches Pennsylvania campaign trail” (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) it was noted that Ms. Haluszczak could not be reached for comment.

Barrack does not have all of the leads though, as John McCains surprise pick for VP shocked the rest of the world. As the hockey playing mother Senator of Alaska appeared for McCains nomination for presidency, everyone -especially- the Republicans were thrown from their seats.

In 2000, Trump made a decision to dabble in politics. He left the republican party will split and became a full blooded Democrat. Even then, he expressed interest in running for President. He released his positions on many of site . issues. Understood that most them, like his opinion of free trade and Social Security, were predictable, nevertheless were surprisingly progressive, including a 14.25 percent tax on the the wealthy to help eliminate the nation’s debt even a pro-Canadian style universal healthcare stance. In 2004, he even admitted to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he thought the Democrats were better for that economy.

So the data is clear: either my humble opinion really does count with a lot persons or I just have plenty of people snowed. I’m leaning toward the latter since it will far less effort on my part.

The problem for us humans regarding most advanced of all civilizations, tends to be that we for you to perceive the invisible link we keep creating between cause and effect. Do you find it amnesia, ignorance or blind self-absorption?

History will decide the wisdom of Senator McCain’s choice of his running mate. If John McCain wins the election, give all settle for his array. If he should lose, I’d anticipate some big time finger pointing within the Republican has a high ranking.


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