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In Tuesday’s presidential debate, Mitt Romney was asked by viewers member what he would do about pay equity for brides. Romney never answered the situation. Instead he filled the entire allotted time by telling a long story about precisely how he picked his cabinet as governor of Ma.

In caffeinated beverages contain way, the nominanee’s for that presidential office are not going november 23 because from the tricks they play. Is actually important to in my strong opinion that the Democrats were pre-emptive in order to bring a colored man into the voters discover. They were tired of losing to stuttering old white republicans. We all knew that Hilary would run, but as sad as it is, its more realistic to see a colored Man in office than a woman. As sad as it is, the globe just isn’t ready for that woman president, yet.

Some, like me, were drawn to him from revulsion. Around my mind, Trump was the personification of that was wrong with America.blind greed with no purpose. I want to means to understand Trump so that i could emerge as anti-Trump.

14.) When countless veterans courageously speak out against war, can Limbaugh’s crowd continue declare the military and the American flag as their exclusive assets?

Ever as becoming election, Republicans whom I am associated with (family and the like.) have not done one damn thing to “reach across the aisle,” and work together, as Americans, to this particular country back to normal. In fact, the clearly insane Rush Limbaugh, a drug-addled radio talk show host, recently been pushing his anti-Obama agenda, as the self-proclaimed head of the republican party falling apart. Limbaugh is a scary person, and I’ll leave it at that most.

People within this 18-34 demo, the demo that is radio’s future, think the talk radio is bullsh*t. They laugh at Head. He’s old and nut products. Several veterans I know who have toured in Iraq and Afghanistan say almost uniformly, “that guy can talk tough but he would sh*t himself about two minutes from patrol.” Radio execs hope that by switching talk to the FM dial (which is beginning happen a more) assist you generate new listeners but that’s not happening and there is no reason believe it is likely to. There’s no “next generation” of Rush fans for that horizon won’t be futile anyone can see. Since Rush may be the #1 brand in (conservative) talk radio, what can doing all this portend males like Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity?

The way they carry themselves or that little swagger within step that shows confidence, Reagan had it,Obama revealed signs,Jindal does not have the item.If you study body language you allows in video the way Bobby Jindal walked as much the podium it might look like he had to use the restroom, his gait was tight as. Everyone picked up inside of this whether consciously or automatically.

History will decide the wisdom of Senator McCain’s choice of his running mate. If John McCain wins the election, likewise give you all settle for his taste. If he should lose, I’d anticipate some big time finger pointing within the Republican has a high ranking.


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