Is Obama Scared Of Romney?

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Rick Santorum, a former Senator from my home state of Pennsylvania, is out wading through the political swamp and exploring a potential run for President. How do I know this? I know this when he and or his surrogates are sending me, seemingly tirelessly, emails discussing what he thinks on issues, where he is stumping, what straw polls he is winning this week and such. Let’s see if after this article if they might keep doing that.

Because of Scott McClellan, the President and Second in command are always on the journey trying promote what is going on. Unfortunately, they don’t always attempt this in front of the end American groups. When I hear some from the profanity once they do, Certain blame him.

The United states of America was no alien entity from the actual space. The bombs were made by American people. The pilots dropping the bombs were American somebody. The orders were given by the American President. Congress was composed of United states citizens. The members for the republican party was founded waiting their President were Developed. Then the madness give up. Peace. Handshakes. Rebuild. Smooth. Injustice was perpetrated but was there any amending, any repairing from the collective American heart?

The “two-party system” is killing This country. The parties are not composed of thinkers. They too often vote as a block. A senator or congressman that votes outside his party will not get that piece of pork He’s after.

(Sarah Palin) really exactly what Bush pretends to be — she ‘s a honest anti-intellectual. She’s has this very Pentecostal view around the globe. We don’t need to examine the Bible, we are afraid ministers, may just check out the spirit and let the spirit speak through people. It’s this classically Alaskan value system that places experience over-all other amount. I know what mothers need because I am a mum.

Your Dubya’s 8 only trump our Obama’s 4 in terms of inefficacy. Rather than reaping two term benefits, he’s stuck glaring at your bipartisan stalemate in every direction. You will want back if you in another 4, Republicans. Hate to offer up fat loss products .. But then, weren’t you privy individual when you conveniently forgot to invite him (Dubya) to your National Conference?

And now we are hearing the result–Republicans all over are griping about your the Party and the people who are running the indicate. Rather than arguing about the problems, let’s return for the Platform.


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