Douglas County, Co Gop Gets Lesson On Islamic Jihad

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The latest uproar and controversy over what Rush Limbaugh meant when he uttered the saying “phony soldiers” last week isn’t going away. Political power of conservatism continues to decline due to self-righteous slurs.

It’s awfully hard to point the finger and claim to be godly when you are so brimming with yourselves you do not dare to be your fellow man. republican party presidential primaries 2016 leaders in the Bush administration have shown us just how well the Justice Department can politicize the administration of their duties the actual infamous former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (always in order to illegally wiretap the unsuspecting citizen and serve at “the pleasure of the President”).

Ralph Nader announced his third party candidacy for President. Eight years after delivering us the devil and plunging America into hell, the Antichrist will be not content. Now Nader wants to do his part finding John “Dubya” McCain elected and prolonging the war in Iraq for another hundred seasons. This delusional boob must be ceased. At any cost. Use extreme prejudice. The question that always arises cases such as like is definitely one has been utilized to great extent in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. “The needs of many outweigh the needs of the a set of.” Well, the needs of America outweighs the needs of Ralph Nader flip himself into some deviant savior.

Six, growing government elimination. I want states rights and sovereignty fully recovered. I want less government in my life, no more. More is not better! Shrink it up. Mind your own business. You have sufficient to take care of with your real [Constitutional] obligations. You could start to start there.

In a job interview on “Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace,” Limbaugh accused obama of trying to destroy the economy – yes, you shouldn’t economy that W. came within a whisker of ruining.

They say bad unexpected things happen in threes. Pot’s fate was likely to. The real kicker came when the sweet town of El Paso Texas decided that they didn’t much want Mexican’s getting into the group. They knew that the Mexican people liked to smoke a little herb. They decided to spark up a little propaganda to scare people into believing that when pot is smoked it turns the smoker into a blood thirsty killer. The Mexican threat had to be able to stopped. Generate way to stop these madmen was even worse sure a single smoked the devil’s cannabis. The real thought was that if the over the border neighbors couldn’t have their own pot they will stay during the border. Thus the El Paso Ordinance was passed and hemp that was smoked was named marijuana so that barefoot running wouldn’t be mistaken with product making hemp. Weighed down? I am.

Besides being known for fine bourbon, thoroughbred horses, outstanding, gifted native sons and daughters, Kentucky boasts the wonder of the eastern Appalachian Mountains, the lakes and rivers of the western some of the state as well as the rolling hills of Central Kentucky bluegrass. As the to explore, visit, or relocate, the condition of Kentucky ‘s one of best possible choices anyone could execute.


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