A New Day Has Dawned; Congrats President-Elect Barack Obama

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On Wednesday this week, at the prompting of “fair and balanced” Fox News, tea-party protests are planned around the country by still-stung Republicans who plan anti-Obama embarrassment; and of course, the Democrats end up being there to counter protest, and do a presentation for our finally-legally elected President Barack obama.

Fans were already braving the cold at Hastings book store in Norman to snatch a wristband for the 7 pour.m. book signing Thursday night. By 8 signifiant.m. Wednesday night, 50 people had already marked their spot in sentence. Doors opened at 6:30 your.m. Thursday to reveal wristbands and store employees say all 500 wristbands have been handed finally out. Palin is expected to speak into the public at 6 g.m. outside the warehouse.

You see these aren’t trivial accomplishments by any means. However the issues we keep returning to are the economy and the deficit. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will lead you to believe the reply to these issues, among others, is improve defense spending (for an unwinnable war) and you can put onus of health care in the hands of individual states. Folks not be surprising because it does not take signature Republican cop through. It’s funny how the republican party reptile (the party of the entrepreneur) could be grounded in the commercial world yet so bad with levels.

When you see a problem you don’t understand, you act through the night understand significantly instead of asking for answers. Similar to labels were more interested in protecting their image as geniuses along with the be-all-end-all than they were with addressing brand new realities that have been bubbling up beneath these individuals.

On April 14, Trump dug himself further in the racist hole by commenting, “I possess a great relationship with the blacks, I’ve always any great relationship with the blacks.” Unless he’s talking over his neighbors, Hank and Loretta Black, that statement alone may enough to alienate “the blacks” and also a stop and his Presidential ambitions.

There really is no other method to spin of which. Most Democrats will try responsible this debacle, and in the victorian era a debacle of historic proportions, on local issues or bad candidates. But as they say, denial is truly a plan. Can perform pretend you don’t have a problem, but that does not make it so.

People in that 18-34 demo, the demo that is radio’s future, think the talk radio is bullsh*t. They laugh at Run. He’s old and crazy. Several veterans I know who have toured in Iraq and Afghanistan say almost uniformly, “that guy can talk tough but he would sh*t himself about two minutes on patrol.” Radio execs hope that by switching speak with the FM dial (which is commencing happen the more) help you to generate new listeners but that’s not happening and there is no reason believe about it might. There’s no “next generation” of Rush fans at the horizon efforts anyone cane easily see. Since Rush may be the #1 brand in (conservative) talk radio, what can this portend for guys like Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity?

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